Monday, April 7, 2008

Catch a man cheating

Catch a Man Cheating - 3 steps

It's one thing to feel as if your man is being untrue, but something totally different to prove it. Finding proof is a necessity, because sometimes your worries could be totally unfounded, and you don't want to badly effect the relationship until you know for sure.

Fortunately, it's not hard to catch a man cheating, you just have the right tools available to you. Leverage the technology and you'll be amazed at what you can figure out.

To catch a man cheating, do the following:
  • Investigate computer or internet use
  • Check phone records, voice mails, text messages, etc
  • Follow him
Investigate computer or internet use
Check the web history in Internet Explorer. What sites has he visited? Look for dating sites and other social sites.

Check his email. Remember that setting up an email account is free, so he may have an email address that you're not aware of. Figure out his password by trying different combinations of his birthday, social security number, address, phone number(s), etc. Try them backward. Most people use a password that they can remember so keep trying. Becareful though, as some sites send an email to the user if someone tries to enter their password over and over and keeps getting it wrong.

Check phone records, voice mails, text messages, etc
This is where you're most likely to catch a man cheating. Check his call history and text messages. Make note of all of the phone numbers you find. Is there one particular number that shows up alot? Have you seen this number before or is it new to you? Write the number down so that you can do a reverse lookup on the number.

Check his voicemails. His password is most likely a subset of his phone number, social, address or something of that nature. Once again, make sure you make note of the phone numbers that are calling, and look for one number occuring over and over.

You can also look at his text messages. Look for inappropriate conversations.
Follow him
Get in a friends car that he doesn't recognize, and follow him after work. Call him while you're following him, and ask him where he's at. Pay attention to whether he lies or not. If he goes to a strange destination that you're not aware of, see if the address matches the address you found when you did a reverse number lookup.

By now all the peices should be coming together. You should have a name, phone number, address, and verification that your man is going there. Following these steps is the only way to without a doubt catch a man cheating.